5 nights of pizza

or something like that.

basically we’re having pizza for dinner from the day after christmas until the day before new years eve— so far it’s been nice not cooking- the kitchen is super tidy!  😉

it’s a nice christmas gift to not have to cook dinner for a whole week.

as per tradition we’re doing lobster tails for NYE – i have to shop for that tomorrow, hopefully we can find 2 nice tails, or we may do a whole lobster. lizzy likes lobster!!

it’s late- but i have to report that christmas was nice- as per lizzy, she said, “mommy i had a nice christmas, it was wonderful.”  what 3 year old says  “wonderful”  when describing something? MINE!

we did have a wonderful christmas. lizzy got so many great gifts and with her christmas money- we are going to do a little shopping over the next month or two, and see what she wants to get. right now she’s really into her princeses and princes and barbies and barbie houses!

it’s a FESTIVUS miracle

i’d air my grievances, but as tradition has it i must wait until dinner time… and let’s face it airing my griveances is never really a good thing is it? then that would lead to the feats of strength and well, i’m feeling especially weak- still fighting off this cold, so i’ll just say that it’s a festivus miracle, and leave it at that!

speaking of festivus miracles, today i’m putting the finishing touches on my last gift. never knowing what to get people, because we all have what we want and need, i’ve taken another very crafty approach. hopefully it will be liked.

another festivus miracle… josh made breakfast for lizzy, so i got 10 extra miutes of sleep today! it’s so cute, whenever lizzy is in the mood for eggs or pancakes for breakfast she always wakes up her daddy to make them for her. “hey daddy can you wake up and make me some eggs or pancakes or something?” it’s so cute!

another festivus treat: we’re ordering chinese tonight. i made lasagna last night for dinner, we’ll have the left overs for lunch tomorrow. oh and baby jesus came to josh and said- let there be a taco fiesta to celebrate my birth this christmas. so we’re doing tacos for  christmas dinner!

on that note, i must get back to working on that gift…

amadeus / tinnitus / dali

it’s late… i slept in til 1:30pm today- thanks to the boy and la petite.

my sinuses have not been kind this past week, and that with the ringing, well it’s best that i sleep rather than be awake and cranky.

with one comes the other.

and just as i’m getting ready to go to bed- as i’ve gotten all my work done for the night, i see that AMADEUS is on. and well, i’m in good company. the boy is alseep on the sofa, covered with his  blue snuggie. the pugs are snooring a lovely melody. and mozart and i are sharing a thread in time across the years of course – as i sit with ears ringing, awake and watching a great movie about his life and work.

speaking of works of mad men- or something of the sort, i’m thinking that we’re  heading to the dali re-opening in january. that will be a fun thing for la petite. every time she sees the billboard with the big dali mustache, she get’s all excited. and well with the invasion of the black ants to the non-picnick, well it almost seems poetic… or is that ironic?


the man in the red suit

today we went to visit the man in the red suit. last year we had a mini- melt down. this year, even though i had to sit with lizzy, she managed to be a big girl- no tears or crying, and told that jolly old man what she wanted for chirstmas. we have a photo for proof, but somehow she isn’t smiling in it… go figure.

last night i had my GNO w/ a-girl. dinner and shopping is always a good time. it’s weird being so “done” with the christmas shopping. i had to go with a different dress for la petite, but she’s still gonna freak out on christmas morning with all her goodies.

i also managed to get her a cute pair of mary-jane style shoes! i think sears might be my new place to shop for kiddie shoes… under $20 and they had a pretty good selection of many different styles.

tonight we’ve been watching some christmas shows… lots of the throwbacks are on netfliks, and lizzy is learning christmas songs!! it’s cute listening to “her” versions of the songs!! love it!!

i’m making a list–

checking it twice… gonna try and figure out if i can get everything done before saturday night… mommy’s got a lot going on.

so i’ve been pretty good at keeping busy. right now EP is having crackers and peanut butter and jam with pears. i gave her a cheese spreader- so she’s making them all by herself. she loves to do this kind of thing and she’s pretty neat… so why not?

i’m taking a break from straightening up the house. every time i put a bag of clothes together for the goodwill truck and drop it off i come home and find a few more things to get rid of. 

with all this chilly weather- i realized that la petite doesn’t really have a lot of warm winter clothes. so we went shopping at old navy this week and i got her a few fleece things. now we’re all set for it to warm up again- haa haa haa. of course with warm weather clothes- you need to get warm weather shoes- and that has been a bust. i’m hoping tomorrow while i’m out that i can find at least one pair of shoes that i like- in the right size for her… she can’t go everywhere in sandals and tennis shoes… i miss her pretty pink patent leather shoes… i wonder if they make a shoe like the ones i used to wear as a kid. i loved my red/burgundy shoes. 

in other news. lizzy had her gymnastics graduation this week. she was pretty excited because daddy made it out to watch her. she’s been taking the tots class for a while now – and has gotten pretty good at everything, she’s just a little short to do a few things unassisted. BUT… her instructor (also the girls divisional team coach) wants to move her into a more challenging and advanced class… they’re working on putting something together over the next few weeks- hopefully on the same day for her to do. it’s nice that they’ve noticed that she’s getting bored with the baby stuff… and miss A thinks lizzy need a little more of a challenge- so we’re cool with that! 

oh AND- the cabot coop cow has been tweeting to me and lizzy… rumor has it that i;m getting some coupons in the mail specially from the cow herself!!  i’m also thinking on sunday i might make cheese cookies. they’re a savory cookie that’s crisp like a cracker. i have a few alterations/ideas to make a few different flavors revolving around the extra sharp cheddar. so that should be fun. 

on that note- i really should get some baking and crafting done. i’ve been a bit of a procrastinator on those 2 fronts and the days are flying by… pretty soon it’s going to be next year and i’ll be too late!! 

time for me to fly!

girls day

since the boy and i don’t exchange christmas gifts… i of course had a little extra cash on hand… so i took la petite to epcot and disney studios (although i still call it MGM) for the day yesterday. sure the weather was FREEZING and it was windy and cold, but we had a great day. it was sunny, the sky was cloudless and blue, and well- we got to walk the world and see like a million christmas lights by the days end.

the kiddo was a champ- of course when it was time to leave she didn’t want to go, but she fell asleep before we got onto the interstate. so thank you daddy for not needing a christmas gift… my gift was a fun day with EP and his gift was some time at home with some peace and quiet, oh and i got an extra bonus: he did the dishes after making his dinner.

and the best part was driving up to the house and seeing that the boy plugged in the outside lights and had the tree lit when we came in. how sweet!

all work and no play makes… aaaaahhhh who am i fooling. i have a pretty cool job- i get to do edits and photo slide shows for CS and of course work on home schooling and fun stuff with my mini me. we have been a little busier this year than last so a lot of my arts and crafts and baking hasn’t happened. not to mention my late nights (which is when i work on the CS stuff so it doesn’t interfere with numero uno.) 

i have a lot of little things that need to get done between now and saturday— not sure in what order i’ll get to things, but i really need to focus or make a list and “just do it” haa haa haa.  

the only thing that would be a christmas miracle would be to have the ringing stop. it’s been a lot worse lately- for no known reason and the right ear is more evil than the left… it’s so hard to concentrate with it lately, and the only relief is sleep.  maybe i should sit on that jolly old man’s lap and ask to be tinnitus free…. or just wait to find that magic lamp i miss-placed…

hmmmm three wishes as of RIGHT NOW:

no tinnitus

no more DALI moments (the heat is on and the ants are back out) 

more than a million dollars. why do people wish for a million dollars? i’d wish for a billion- just to be on the safe side. 

on that note, time for some visions of sugar plumbs.

for a minute

 i thought it was going to warm up- since yesterday it felt a little warmer, but it was cooler again today. 

enough about the weather. 

so what if i’m wearing a scarf and gloves inside the house- i’m always cold. chalk it up to the many years we lived without AC at the house i guess. 😉

last night EP got her first christmas gift from some friends of ours. she is now the proud owner of a little doggie that walks and barks. today i made him a harness. she named him frankie – as in frankie jonas. 

so a bunch of other stuff is going on- as always staying busy. i’m hoping to make it to WDW this week and head to DS for the lights and stuff. i haven’t told la petite yet- so she’s going to be super surprised. 

after the new year i’m hoping we can make it to universal- we really need to have some HP and dr seusse action too.


 been busy and a little chilly this week. 

nothing like a cold-front at the beginning of december to help get us into the holiday spirit.

so we managed to get the house fairly decorated for christmas. there was minimal b&m-ing with the setting up of the tree… and now she’s looking really pretty. again i’m doing the less is more approach with the decorations- i think next week we might make a small batch of new ornaments to add to what we did last year. i also should get some more wire- my wire ornaments really look pretty but i gave almost all of them away as gifts so id like to actually have a few for our tree too! i also have 6-8 eggs lying in wait to be paper-mached and hung…. NEXT WEEK jen!

i think the change in the weather has made EP a little sleepy. we got to dance class this week and she didn’t want to go in at all… so we left and she ended up falling asleep in the car on the way home. 

this week we had another great playdate with T and her dad. lizzy and T are becoming great friends and play so well together. at gymnastics- lizzy asked to be in the same group as T- which was so  cute- she never asks to be with anyone but her instructors! 

– so T’s faily is going to WDW and staying at AK this upcoming week. they were nice enough to extend an invite for us to visit the resort for the day and let lizzy and T do some of the activities at the resort. hopefully we can coordinate that- if not- the kiddo and i will just to DS one evening to see the festival of lights and stuff together.

we did tacos last night- and that always ends in taco comas! they were so-o good. tonight josh is giving me a reprieve on the cooking so i’m thinking take out or something quick and easy, although i’m really wanting some sushi. did i ever mention that lizzy likes sushi? she likes california rolls!! haa haa.