it’s late… i slept in til 1:30pm today- thanks to the boy and la petite.

my sinuses have not been kind this past week, and that with the ringing, well it’s best that i sleep rather than be awake and cranky.

with one comes the other.

and just as i’m getting ready to go to bed- as i’ve gotten all my work done for the night, i see that AMADEUS is on. and well, i’m in good company. the boy is alseep on the sofa, covered with his  blue snuggie. the pugs are snooring a lovely melody. and mozart and i are sharing a thread in time across the years of course – as i sit with ears ringing, awake and watching a great movie about his life and work.

speaking of works of mad men- or something of the sort, i’m thinking that we’re  heading to the dali re-opening in january. that will be a fun thing for la petite. every time she sees the billboard with the big dali mustache, she get’s all excited. and well with the invasion of the black ants to the non-picnick, well it almost seems poetic… or is that ironic?


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  1. Hello Jen! I think of you whenever I see “Starry Night”, or see mention of “tinnitus”. I just happened to read about people using “flush niacin” (nicotinic acid) in combination with melatonin to treat tinnitus, among other things. I have no idea if it works, but I figured I’d mention it, and say hello! I hope all is well with you and your family.

    1. Pete,
      Hey YOU!! I was so excited to see your response awaiting in my inbox! I still have a “Starry Night” print up in the house. I almost decided to part with it, but thought of you! Thant and my wooden button. I still have the wooden buttons. LOL I seems like it’s been forever and a few years since we’ve chatted. Maybe a tad longer than forever? Family are doing well. The boy is doing great, la petite is growing up so fast. Some days I try not to blink in an effort to still time. It’s going by so quickly. 😛

      I’ll have to look into the flush niacin and melatonin combo… I still am dealing with the tinnitus- which has progressively gotten worse over the years.

      Hope you’re doing swell. <3 miss u

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