i’d air my grievances, but as tradition has it i must wait until dinner time… and let’s face it airing my griveances is never really a good thing is it? that would lead to the feats of strength and well, i’m feeling especially weak- still fighting off this cold, so i’ll just say that it’s a festivus miracle, and leave it at that!

speaking of festivus miracles, today i’m putting the finishing touches on my last gift. never knowing what to get people, because we all have what we want and need, i’ve taken another very crafty approach. hopefully it will be liked.

another festivus miracle… josh made breakfast for lizzy, so i got 10 extra miutes of sleep today! it’s so cute, whenever lizzy is in the mood for eggs or pancakes for breakfast she always wakes up her daddy to make them for her. “hey daddy can you wake up and make me some eggs or pancakes or something?” it’s so cute!

another festivus treat: we’re ordering chinese tonight. i made lasagna last night for dinner, we’ll have the left overs for lunch tomorrow. oh and baby jesus came to josh and said- let there be a taco fiesta to celebrate my birth this christmas. so we’re doing tacos for  christmas dinner!

on that note, i must get back to working on that gift…

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