lizzy woke up a few nights ago in the middle of the night, so after we went potty we noticed that the diningroom was super bright and glowing all silvery. we went to the window and looked up to see a beautiful shiney full moon hanging in the sky. now every night lizzy wants to see if the moon is silver and full before she goes to sleep.

the moon has been beautiful this week for sure!

la petite is doing a great job picking up her new dance steps. she still has a bit to go with getting into the swing of ID2 class- they do a lot of barre work so she’s always excited to see herself in the mirror and gets a little distracted. luckily all the girls are older and have taken EP under their wing- they all are so helpful with keeping her going with the class! it’s too sweet!

after class we went to the dance store. since lizzy has been doing so well in class, and all the girls in ID2 wear a tutu, i let her pick out one for her to wear to class. in true form- just like momma- she went for the black sparkle tutu!

this weekend i get to get some torture! can’t wait for that, but the results are starting to show, so i’m willing to deal with my medievil puishment until the end, especially now that i’m seeing actual results starting to show!

speaking of things medievil… we’re getting ready for the renn-fest a little early this year. it seems that we may be dresing the part- well at least la petite. i think i’ll be making a dress for her to wear to the renn-fest… now if i could just find a puffy pirate shirt for the boy- haa haa haa!! me thinks he would wear it to impress his fair lass. aye- he would indeed!

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