The jencation has morphed into a momcation, as I tend to invite another mom I know to break away. For those who don’t know what a jencation is, it’s a vacation that I take without my family. I’m kicked out of the house for a weekend, leave for some destination without the boy and kiddo, and spend some girl time with a friend. 

Here are some of the cities I’ve visited:

10/2015 Savannah, GA-  I especially loved the overall charm of Savannah’s cobblestone streets and historic downtown buildings and the Victorian District. Delicious southern homestyle cooking, and downtown there’s beautifully manicured parklike squares every few blocks with benches to sit under old oak trees. Really just picturesque. Savannah is also the oldest city in GA, and one of the original 13 colonies.

03/2016 Austin, TX- Before moving to ATX, I took a momcation to check out the city that I was soon to call home. Stayed downtown, had lots of whiskey and tacos, and through it all, found a place to live. I realized on this mom-cation that I was moving to a bigger city from where I had grown up. Austin is the capital city of TX, and home to the University of Texas. And did I mention is the live music capital of the world and has some of the best most delicious BBQ!

08/2017 San Antonio, TX-  Do you remember the Alamo?  I stayed in the Historic (read that as haunted) Menger Hotel directly across from the Alamo site. Every night people were “ghost-hunting” throughout the halls. San Antonio has a lovely river walk, so many little shops and eateries dotted along the river. Nice cool breezes and foliage. It’s especially beautiful when lit up at night.

11/2018 Next on my list is Salem, MA! I’ll be checking out the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston, and spending the weekend in Salem, home of the Salem witch trials. I’ll be on the prowl for pubs, lobster rolls and visiting the oldest candy shop in the United States. The Boston area is has an impressive maritime history museum, and maybe some whale watching, if we’re lucky!

Feel free to comment below, I’m open for suggestions on where my next mom-cation will take me.

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