Sometimes the posts are to either share about stuff I find important and WORTH sharing… sometimes’ they’re just for me. Today’s post is a ME post. Just a checking in. It’s the half-way mark of 2019.

Summer solstice, midsummer… it’s the half way point.

They year is flying by. Summer is in full effect and I’m wondering if I blink just a few more times, that it will then be Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The first half of 2019 has kept us all busy. We’re definitely having fun, and the quality of life has been great. Whatever minor setbacks or unexpected things that have popped up, we’ve managed to get through.

Thumper’s eye is on the mend. Fortunately we had 2 things in our favor. One- an AMAZING vet specialist that has been great… and fair! gotta love that! 5 out of 5 stars would totally recommend. Second- Thumper, for nearly being a sweet16, has really healed up well, giving that he’s a senior pug. He’s been great with taking meds and eyedrops, and I can’t be happier. Sure he’s old, but he’s my little man.

Sebastian has been super sweet, and a great bro-fur. He’s kinda been a bit sad. Not sure if it’s his new diet or just him being a moody teenager. I will say that if the boys don’t get green beans with their dinner, they’re moving their bowls or just giving me a disapproving look.

PUGSPA has been another great addition to our life. The boys love it because they get a bath and their nails, noses and ears done. Me… I don’t have to do that anymore! YAY…

Sometimes it’s a good idea to leave it to the professionals.

The pool has opened, so we’re starting to spend a bit more time poolside. That’s been nice! Gotta work on my tan soon, before summer’s over.

Been getting some cool boxes, between the kiddo and I we’ve been trying a lot of new products, between FabFitFun, PopSugar and Universal Yums, we’ve had some really great products arriving to the house. We’re also using them for some homeschooling ideas, and discussions. Talking about products and items and stuff from all around the world. Having some really interesting discussions. It’s been a new way of bonding for us.

Over the summer, as much as I’d love to school year-round, we’ve added some fun online courses and lectures to our weeks. A couple days a week, we do a bit of class work. I figured watching some lectures and having discussions has been a really positive experience. We’re doing a history lecture (early civilizations to the American Revolution) and the Origins of Earthmovers (from the Big Bang to Human Evolution) – both courses have been opening the door to some higher learning and conversations are beginning to evolve… opinions and questions and observations… it’s been a cool way to share thoughts.

So yeah, been working on school work and some online courses with the kiddo. It’s been a lot of fun and a new and refreshing way to spend our summer time learning, (more on that on a later post.) I’ve even found a course or two that I have been watching just for myself (a Renniasance Art course) which explains some of the greater known works and their meanings.

So now for a confession: I haven’t been reading as much as I should. Yeah, I’ve been super lax the first 4 months in my reading goal. However, I’ve gotten back on track and found a few good novellas to get back to that. I’m reading a Victorian Crime Series, which has been enjoyable, oh and then there’s Fred the Vampire… which has been another fun filled series. My reading goal is 20 for the year (I failed last year’s goal of 25) however I’m pushing for 20 books read by the end of December. *got a good book to recommend- put that in the comments below. I DON’T really do romance novels, I’m more into mystery/thrillers… and love historical period inspired stuff.

Of course there’s so much more to share.

Been working on a project for Josh. That’s been some great research on countries all over the world… which has great with my list of places I’d like to visit or live once we head over to Europe and Asia. The world is just so vast. We’re all feeling a bit of wanderlust.

Keeping out eyes on the prize, still paying off the SUV. Been cleaning out the garage. Sold a few items. Budget has been doing pretty good. I think over the next 3 months we’ve got a few fun things planned, but still trying to stay on budget and get ahead. Big plans await us. Planning is part of the fun!

I could go on and on… talk about the food delivery service we tried for a few weeks (that will be in another post) to dying the kiddo’s hair pink… josh calls that the controlled rebellion, which he might post about… really I could keep writing about everything going on in my pretty little head… but really it’s all going OK.

Final note. hopefully will be getting a few more things organized in the school room. We sold a bunch of old costumes (for super cheap $25) to a family that has a few adopted siblings. These little girls are sure to have a lot of fun memories dressing up and putting on dances at their house. It was a little bittersweet letting these beautiful ballet costumes, lyrical, jazz, tap, hip-hop… everything that was just hanging its the closet… but yeah, just another opportunity of moving on, and looking forward to whatever lies ahead.

This definitely was a RAMBLE, and I could keep writing, but I feel this is a good stopping point for now. SO have a great night. <3 I’m going to have a glass of wine, and call it an evening.

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