Words like this could make a wee girl’s head spin, throat in heart, and stomach drop, but no I’m not pregnant, it’s not that kind of “late” you see.

I just have been kinda bad with keeping up with posting every Friday.

It’s funny, though, what WOULD I do if I WERE pregnant again? I dare not even speculate! I have a nearly fully functioning on the cusp of teen agedness child on my hands… the only thing left is for said kiddo to be of driving age and get a job. 😛

So, today’s post is another about a day in the life of thatgirljen.

The year has been flying by! Although we’re supposed to be celebrating the resurgence of the 20’s (BTW happy palindrome day 02022020) I’m currently being flooded with lot’s of reminders of the 80’s… and not the 1880’s!

This past week we’ve roller-skated, and are planning to attend an upcoming 80’s themed V’day party. Luckily enough the kiddo has an appreciation of most things 80’s like the music and fashion. And really the 80’s were such an AWESOME time to live in. Amazing things were even made in the 1980’s (cue some thumping sexy bass music, and husband… born in ’81).

While the 20’s have been off to a roaring start, I’ve been already feeling a bit accomplished! Personally I haven’t been doing much for myself, but the family and household as a whole has been progressing and getting things done. We started the year off being debt free and are planning the next 2-ish years of life. Making small goals really is helpful with reaching them. We of course have big picture life long goals, but it’s all about the baby steps to get there with checkpoints along the way. Paying off the car was a major financial checkpoint for us simply because it was our largest ticket item in life that needed attention.

January 2020 has been good to us.

The boy has taken some of his time back, and is enjoying a bit of down time. He’s always DOING, which is a bit tiresome, but he’s a tinkerer and thinker and is brilliantly insightful. His head is filled with too many ideas. Although his self professed spirit animal is a turtle, I think it’s most likely an octopus.

Kiddo has been attacking music with a lot of invigorated excitement. As a homeschooler, she has control of her time, and lately she’s been more consistantly hitting the drums and learning ukulele. This additional attention has been since the beginning of the year. It’s been great hearing her practice and learn on her own, without TOO much reminding. She may be a bit bullheaded at times, but this kiddo will definitely soar with whatever she decides to do.

As for me, I’m actually doing ok. Been feeling a bit drained, but the top of the year isn’t my time to shine. I’ve been busy planning the year out with everything that needs to get done. The number 20 represents prosperity, and I think 2020 is going to be my year. Be that financially, personally or something within, remains to be seen. Little personal goals set for myself, or of major family things, I just need to remember to be patient because things will happen when they will. Whatever decisions that will need to be made over this year, I hope that the outcome is one that continues to propel me year long.

And on that note, it seems that ye olde groundhog has informed us that spring will be here before we know it. On that note, I might plan to pull a few weeds this week in one of our flowerbeds, and plant some blue bonnets and zinnias. It really is all about planning! <3

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