There’s been a missing piece in the Sherman family home… and if you know me you know I’ve been battling puppy fever for almost an entire year!

I will 100% admit, It’s was nice to not have stray pug hair on all my black clothing. The house was free of tumbleweeds. Sleeping in, and not taking the kids out in the rain, wind, snow or dead heat of the summer has been liberating. The idea of traveling and not needing to find a pet sitter was super enticing. But with covid-19 still doing it’s thing, travel both stateside and international haven’t been at the top of our list of priorities. So we decided to finally get a Pug.

Having almost a year off from having a dog in the house was different. It was necessary. Especially after saying goodbye over the past years to our grumble of senior pugs. I needed time. And I would have been ok not having a Pug, but then, I’d always be window shopping. Looking at the Pug Rescue, going on and seeing if there were any pugs that sparked joy.

Now of course, we chatted periodically about getting a Pug and collectively decided that when the time was right we would look for a black female Pug. (ok that’s what I really wanted, Liz and Josh were both onboard with whatever.) Then I saw a pic of CHIP. “Oh dear sweet baby Jesus lying in a manger, is this the dog that I’m supposed to have in my life?” and well, I felt like he might be the one. So Christmas Eve Liz and I drove to pick up CHIP, kinda on a whim. Yeah, we’re the proud owners of a fawn male pug. Added bonus and cherry on top are the especially wonky eyes, not so curly pug tail and left white paw. Not exactly what I originally had in mind. But CHIP was meant to be ours.

Chip has been with us for 3 months now. That makes “mister man” 6 months old!

Puppy training. Ok Pugs in general are pretty hard-headed dogs. Pug puppies require a bit of work, and that means making time for basic training. We got lucky with Sebastian, he had Thumper and Bambi to emulate. Having an established pack of already trained dogs made our job as Pug owners so freaking easy. CHIP, well he’s an only child. So he’s having to learn everything on his own.

I will say for the most part, he’s been a great puppy. He’s pretty smart and full of energy. Most of the time he’s a good listener. He’s still getting used to all the new things. And he’s also quite the talker.

Now that he’s fully vaccinated, and things are looking a bit “safer” for heading out to eat and what-not, I think CHIP will be needing to go on some car-rides and adventures this spring.

And with that, it’s POTTY TIME!

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