Who doesn’t love watching reality TV? Seems like every single channel has some sort of “reality based” show to serve up to the masses, who religiously tune in weekly.

I remember some of the first reality TV shows. I loved the first season of the Real World, there was the one called Amish in the City, about a group of Amish on Rumpspringer, and who can forget Eden’s Crush from Making the Band… #getoveryourself

Which brings me to today’s topic: Educational Reality.

I’ve been watching a lot of Educational Inspired videos as of late. My current favorites are part of the BBC2 network.

the TLDR is: seek out the Victorian Farm and the Edwardian Farm series; both are a part of the BBC2 educational series in which 3 lovely historical archeologists “live” on a farm as if they were back in ye olde days, in an effort to learn, teach and really experience life as it once was. It’s really quite interesting and entertaining as I really love historical things in general.

I feel like I’m not only being entertained, but learning a lot about how people once lived, survived and evolved as time continues to march on.

Take doing the laundry. My washing machine recently spun it’s last cycle a few weeks ago. At that moment all laundering ceased until the landlord was able to provide and deliver a new machine. TEN WHOLE DAYS! Sure that meant 2 whole weeks of not having to do the laundry, but I knew that also meant I would have to play catch up. And of course it put a few things into perspective and was something to consider.

First off, as consumers and of the modern era, we have more than enough clean clothes awaiting in our drawers and closets. There was no fear of a naked Tuesday or no panties Wednesday. However back in earlier times, having an over abundance of underthings and clothing was not the way people lived. Few articles of daily clothing, and even less in the special occasion department, was what was had. Simpler times folks, simpler times.

So, whilst I was down a washer, all was A-OK. But it made me think, back in the day, the washing was done all by hand. NO THANKS. I know just how labor intensive washing was back in Victorian Era thanks to watching the show. What takes me 2-3 hours for washing and drying and folding a load of laundry would have taken a housewife in a different time many days. That’s right DAYS!

Makes me appreciate the modern conveniences I get to live with for sure.

TV, a modern connivence which can be used for good… like learning and educational purposes.

I’m always in the market for additional shows to watch and learn from. I find it fascinating to see how we as people, community and a nation have grown and evolved over time. The innovation and invention that made daily life better, and the changes that happened, it’s really something to think about.

Have a favorite “Educational/ Documentary Series” go on and comment below!

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    1. Oh yes, Average Joe and Super Group were part of our reality rotation. Hey! remember the SWAN – where women would get loads of plastic surgery and lipo to look and feel better about themselves and have the big emotional reveal for their friends and family? And who can forget Cooking with the Stars… the show that lasted 30 minutes and then mid show was off air? LOL – But I’m looking for more educational and historical content, not really your cup of tea. ;P

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