I haven’t done a “dear diary” post in quite some time. So, what’s been going on? As if you have to ask… The entire world is in the midsts of the Covid19 pandemic.

That’s a word to think about. PANDEMIC, it’s almost as bad as it sounds when you actually say it out loud. That word has some real weight to it. The kind of weight a cast iron skillet has. Hefty would be the word to describe the weight of the word pandemic.

So dear diary, it’s been a week of moderate isolation and self imposed quarantine. Not because any of the Sherman clan are ill, but as a precaution against the possibility of catching the virus that has spread across the globe. It’s actually surreal, like something out of an existential sci-fi movie… and we’re all in it together.

Really… we ARE all in it together.

The transition for us, having to remain homebound, hasn’t been too difficult. Finding flour on the other hand has become more than a challenge. We did our usual grocery shopping and got what we could at the store at the beginning of last week, but like most of the other people shopping the store at the same time, many of our normal items on the list were completely out of stock. So for the next week or two, we’ll make do with whatever is on hand and hope that when we head back out to the grocery, that there will be more available.

We’re fortunate that the boy already works from home and is currently coding as I’m typing. So much clickity-clacking goes on in his office. He’s still working, and the internet is still running, so he’s been busy.

Since we have been homeschooling LP for her entire life, school work has been getting done as per the usual. Sure we’ve cut back a bit of what she’s having to get done in a day, and are allowing more screen time for group chats with friends. As homeschoolers we don’t sit around the house day in and day out in isolation. We’re fairly busy and social homeschoolers, with an emphasis on structured education.

Virtual hangouts have become part of our everyday lives. Between that and texting friends and family- we’re managing to keep in touch and remain informed about how everyone else is doing during this time of crisis. So far everyone we know are all doing well, no one has any symptoms or have become sick. I hope it stays this way.

Worrying or freaking out about things, or complaining isn’t going to change how things will get done, nor will it make the virus compliant and bend to our will.

Both my trips in April are now on hold. I’m awaiting news as to how to get a refund for plane tickets, since we don’t know when we will be cleared to reschedule. Now I’m considering when the “perfect time” will be to cancel both of my trips to DC and to NYC. My magic 8-ball said, “OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD” when I inquired about traveling.

My hope is that everyone follows protocol as we await additional news and information about the Covid19 virus and how we can hopefully contain the situation and eventually get back to a more normal way of life.

Until then, I’ll do what I normally would be doing at this time on a Monday… get lunch going and do Josh’s laundry and keep as “normal” of a routine as possible… minus the amazon shopping and going to get groceries.

stay safe and stay healthy! <3

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