It’s 2020, and April is not what I planned it to be. It’s not what ANY of us planned for. But we’re doing fine for now.

One would think it’s been a long going joke, this self mandated stay home isolation / self imposed quarantine, but it’s not… this is serious, really serious.

So my April, is not quite panning out how I had planned.

My best friend’s birthday is 2 April… and I’m not going anywhere near the post office. Instead I ordered her a little something and have sent it via Amazon… it will be there sometime in mid-April.

My mom’s 70th is 9 April. I had planned to whisk her away on a “jen-cation” to beautiful Alexandria, VA. The cherry blossoms will be in bloom! Alexandria has been voted one of the prettiest walking cities in the US. UNFORTUNATELY, our trip will not be happening, and no plans as of yet for a time to reschedule.

Then we have the major event… no not wrestle-mania… I’m talking about the kiddo’s big #13. We have been planning to go to NYC and have a long weekend filled with taking in the sights, walking and shopping. As of now, that trip is also a NO-GO. To say she’s bummed is an understatement.

In the mean time… we have our health to be thankful for. We’re all doing ok and have been following instructions per the government to stay home and not go out unnecessarily. These are strange times indeed.

eventually we’ll need to get to the grocery store for some more food. I’m putting it off for as long as I can, just because I can only imagine how much of a sh!t show that’s gonna be; that’s one trip I’m not looking forward to.

Silver lining is we placed an order with Hello Fresh and Purple Carrot. If all goes as planned. we’ll have some fresh food delivered to our doorstep, which will help keep us out of the store, and safe at home.

Hope everyone else on the other side of the screen reading are also doing swell! <3

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