During 2020, I realized that I (like most) rarely wear the majority of the stuff hanging in my closet.

Throughout 2020 I’ve been making room in my closet. I really haven’t had the need for new clothes, I haven’t been going anywhere lately. HAHAHA – covid joke! But with extra time to clean house, I figured why not start with clothing.

It also helps that I’ve lost a few pounds, so things are starting to fit a bit differently, and that’s always a good sign to do a little updating. For now I’ll be downsizing my clothing pile, and will save shopping for a some time in the upcoming future.

Back to the task:

I decided to start with foundations and first revamped my undergarments and such. I got rid of all my bras and panties, (except for 7 Aunt Flo undies) Next, I hit the good old Victoria’s Secret to fill my top drawer of the dresser. I selected a few styles of bras: 2 in black, 2 in nude, 1 gray and 1 white, and then added a burgundy and navy bra. I then selected an assortment of panties, in a few different styles that all complimented my new bras, all in the same colors, mostly solids or lace, so now everything matches.

It’s nice to start your day, getting dressed, with a pretty undergarment set. Nothing old or dingy, no worn out elastic. Just a nice way to remind yourself that the things worn under your clothes, are for YOU, not anyone else! 🙂

Next, I took a look at my sleepwear. Most of the time I sleep in a tank top and yoga pants, so I got rid of anything that didn’t have a matching item, and things that didn’t evoke a sense of comfort (first) and beauty.

From there I cleaned out my drawer of folded tops and shirts, and donated anything that I hadn’t worn in the past year. I also decided to get rid of colors of items that I didn’t gravitate to, knowing that I tend to wear mostly black and gray.

Then came bottoms, jeans, pants skirts….

That’s where the real fun began!

That got me to thinking back to when the life and closet of jen was of a simpler time. Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of options, (private school uniforms) and I basically gravitated to the same type of lines and cuts and colors. Over the past few (20) years I somehow deviated from that well-worn path. I attempted to try something new and get out of my comfort zone. No reason really other than I had the money and opportunity to get some different things a try.

But in the end, I know what I like to wear. As a creature of habit, I fell into wearing a lot of the same style and color (black), and that meant, I had things that I needed to say good-bye to.

I went through the rest of my clothes and got rid of whatever didn’t fit well, or look good on me. I’ve hung everything back up and now will attempt to figure out the next step of paring down what I have. I need a plan to ensure that I can work with less stuff, and not wear the same thing every single day.

Side note: The lady at the donation center near my house has gotten to know me. I think I’ve dropped off a fair amount of stuff over the past 4 months and I still feel like I have too much stuff; yet there are days when I feel like I have nothing to wear.

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