It’s been more than a while since I’ve posted on thatgirljen.

When Covid-19 spread across the globe, much of the world stopped in its tracks. Priorities shifted as things changed and life was re-evaluated.

With all the influx of conflicting information, it’s been the blind leading the deaf. No one can seem to agree, and if anyone knows anything, it’s not exactly tried and true fact. That seems to sum up politics, science and journalism at the moment.

So I’ve been keeping a low profile, that’s me in the corner… Hello Michael Stipe, care to join me? We can sing a song to pass the time together.

Yeah, so, you might be wondering what exactly has thatgirljen been doing over the past year to keep herself outta trouble and below the radar?

Probably much the same as you.

I already spend the majority of my time with my family. Hubs works from home, kiddo is homeschooled, pug is a couch potato. Our family dymamic really hasn’t been changed or affected with everything going on during 2020… other than we just haven’t really seen many friends or have been socializing through out this past year.

It’s true, this social-butterfly, this extroverted introvert, just went into bear-hermitcrab mode and has been hibernating in it’s shell. Whenever I do decide to peek my head out for provisions such as groceries I just envision that I’m living in an exotic Asian country, put on my mask and go about my day. Efficiency and planning is the key to my success… and being in the right frame of mind. 🙂

SO yeah, 2020, where has it gone?

I’ve had some personal goals that finally got some attention. I started walking in June and have gotten back into better shape. I even lost a few pounds. I’m under 135 pounds and am a solid size 6! yay me!

I’ve been reading a lot more, just to off set my binge watching of Netflix and Hulu content. I think I’ll have read 30 books this year, not too shabby. Mostly fiction, and mostly victorian crime novels made my reading list the past 6 months… Next year I’m planning to add some actual content to the fluff and attempt to add 1/4 of my reading content as historical non-fiction. Oh and I finally got on the Audible train, so that’s been a good addition.

Spent a ton of time playing ACNH, terraformed like a MOFO, started the game over and began a new town. Played some other games like Civ V and Diablo 3 coz I’m a little bit old school. oh, and the boy picked up Pikmen 3 for me, so that’s been some time spent.

I had grand plans of getting crafty during lockdown time. I thought about painting, but didn’t do much because I wasn’t feeling how I wanted to paint. I wanted to work on some sewing projects, but the idea of making things to wear and having no where to go, didn’t really spark me. I do have some great material and some nifty ideas of things yet to be made – thanks to the amazing world of YouTube.

Also watching a lot of cooking videos! Made some new discoveries and found some fun channels that have helped make dinnertime different.

Youtube- oh thank the gods in the heavens for the ye olde YouTube. I’ve been staying entertained watching copious amounts of BTS videos, my 7 best friends from the other side of the globe. They’re entertaining for sure… thanks guys, keep doing what you do best. #borahae

Did I mention that there was ZERO actual physical travel during 2020 for us… LP and I redecorated the kiddo’s room in lieu of attending any camp like activities during the summer of 2020. The was fun times. AND she stayed under budget. I should do a post about her room sometime. It’s really a calm space, her aesthetic.

Speaking of ZERO TRAVEL – we reinvented date night at the house. Since we haven’t been able to go out and sit down at a nice restaurant to partake in an actual chef prepared meal, we’ve been winging it at home. We usually pick something special to make for dinner, uncork a bottle of wine, and watch walking video tours (oh yeah- thanks YouTube, again) of places that we hope to one day step foot upon and travel. New place on my list that I HAVE to see is the Singapore Changi Airport. It’s DOPE AF!

That’s just a bit of what’s been going on in the ever so popular and exciting life of thatgirljen. Of course I’ve been doing other things, but there’s a pug that would really like to curl up and read a book with me, so I’m going to step away from the laptop for a bit.

Just a quick close to end this catch up, catch all post.

Love yourself!




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