under rug swept

some things are better left unsaid. however i’ve been advised that i like to poke… ummm yeah, ok that is true…
yep the ghost of christmas past has decided to pay me visit. funny enough i’m pretty sure of the outcome, but we all like to look at the car crash as we drive by. it’s human nature. and i suppose morbid curiosity has gotten the best of me. i wonder what will be said… will it be the same old lines told time and time again?

EP and i planted some flowers in a few large calderons for the front and back door. trying to brighten up the facade. she was so cute with the spoon and calderon, stirring the dirt. she’s wicked cute.

sunday we spent another day at the beach. it was a bit overcast, but a great time since it wasn’t too hot or sunny. lots of shells to be gotten. and EP freaked when she saw the gulls and egrets and sand pipers. she was quacking at every single one of them… QUACK QUACK QUACK!!!

so saturday night was a bust. not sure if i posted about it but let’s just say that i even triple booked for saturday and still managed to stay home. and the kicker? no one called to let me know they were canceling. now the funny thing is i triple booked. heck i think i actually have had 4 offers on the horizon. not to mention my afternoon last minute calls to everyone else to say, “hey i want to go out tonight!!” so that would have been like 6 possibilities, had anyone called back or came through.

result: i’m not making plans anymore. if you’re phone’s not ringing, it’s me not calling.

i’ve grown weary of being let down.

livin’ on a prayer

“we gotta hold on ta what we got, it doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not.”
ok so me and josh are singing in the blue room. josh sings his own back up!! it makes me giggle!! i love him. he has no inhibitions, unlike me.
it’s so much fun to be stupid together…

speaking of stupid – i’m never making plans with anyone, ever!! i’m going to just stay home for a while. going to drink and sew and clean the house… and all that jazz.

speaking of all gone

lost all my bookmarks… it was really weird… then i tried to restore and shut down, and then back on line and poof there they were. i think daddy is going to need to show me how to externally back up my stuff from time to time. in the mean time i should weed out my bookmarks since i have a lot i probably don’t really use anymore…

all gone

EP just had some fruit loops, and now they’re “all gone” she’s so funny. every morning she brings me my shoes, as if to say, “hey momma let’s go out and shop.”
well my time with the boys is now done. EP has been way off her schedule and not getting her afternoon nap. not a big deal for a limited amount of time, but after 3 weeks it was taking it’s toll on her. so now it’s time to get back into the swing of things and hip hip hooray for the afternoon nap!!

yesterday i took out a huge banana spider. i wasn’t sure if they were poisonous or not, so i didn’t want to take any chances. it was really pretty, but also really big, and well i didn’t need it capturing one of the pugs for it’s dinner- just in case, ya know?

this weekend we’re planning on going to the beach for a little bit. the weather has been really nice all week… so fingers crossed that it stays like that!!

my acheing head

i have a huge head ache. stupid migraine, but then again maybe it’s low blood sugar or something of the sort. all i know is right now i would like to spoon my eyes out with a grapefruit spoon and then take a nap.
however EP has been in rare form today and i am now on my way out the door to get KT’s boys…

this just in

BB took the day off, so i don’t have to pick up the boys today… so looks like EP gets 2 naps today!! woo hoo
now i need to think about what to do for dinner!!

manic monday

i walked this morning alone. it was nice to have a little time by myself (and the ipod) as this is sure to be another busy and hectic week. as of next weekend i will be sewing like a crazy person to get stuff up for the pug clothes, and do a few little things around the house that have been neglected since i’ve been helping KT with her boys.
we have just a month until we head to WDW for our mini vacation. yep 31 days and we’re there. so i have to get things ready now and start organizing.
EP is down for her nap, so i’m trying not to make any noise to disturb her since she’s so off her regular schedule. next week we will be trying to get into a different schedule since we’ll be home again.
as for now, i’m enjoying the silence. i know this afternoon is going to be crazy. the boys are always extra excited when they see me on a monday.


so today we headed to MOSI. once again i wasn’t overly impressed with what was there. i know the last time i had gone there was at least 5 years ago, and sure the place has expanded a great deal, however the same old and tired exhibits circa 1985 are still there. just spaced out. and the butterfly garden was really small in comparison to what i remember as their habitat back in the day. BUT we did have a nice day together and EP was really excited to see the butterflies up close.

i’m still up and it’s past 2am. i’ve been way off my normal sleeping pattern as has EP… i think next week is the last week KT will need my for the boys. it will be nice to get back to our routine.

tomorrow, or rather later this morning, i have a few things i need to get done around the house, to get ready for the week.
i can’t believe that october is almost here. i’m so behind in my sewing and stuff….
hmmm. i think it’s time to make a list.

hanging in the gayborhood

so i am a glutton for punishment. i will be heading out tonight to hang with tom tom and jocelyn for a little bit. i am going on 3 hours sleep, frazzled nerves and icky cramps… maybe a little liquid self medication will help me.
on that note i should think about getting ready soon…

this has got to stop

it seems josh and i stay up later and later. last night we got in bed at 3am, and for no real reason from what i can remember. i was tired at 1 but stayed up anyways. then of course as life would have it, EP woke up bright and early at 7:20. so i am way beyond toast. i’m taking a secret nap as soon as she goes down for her nap, and getting some sleep before i re begin my day.