Since we homeschool, I try to find creative ways to make pretty much EVERYTHING a learning opportunity. Sure, it might get tiresome for the rest of the family, because there’s always something to learn about, but sometimes… it’s FUN! Right?

Other times, learning can be- YUMMY.

We’ve recently ordered a monthly subscription box called Universal Yums. The name is pretty self explanatory. Each month a curated box of products arrive on our doorstep. Inside are snacks from a different country in the world. Their tag is:

Snacks from a different country, delivered monthly.

Universal Yums, comes in 3 sizes to fit your snacking needs:

  • small – the YUM box with 6+ snacks $13.75
  • medium – the YUM YUM box with 12+ snacks $22.92
  • large – the SUPER YUM box with 20+ snacks $35.75

Included with your snacks, is a booklet with fun facts about the snacks, trivia and informational games. The 2 larger boxes also include recipes from that country.

We opted for the medium size box for our family of 3, and it’s been the perfect size. There’s just enough selection for us to try some new things, and discuss the differences between snacks in America VS snacks from around the world.

Side note: We used to live in FL and went to Walt Disney World pretty regularly. EPCOT was our favorite, because we loved getting food and snacks that were representative of each country. So these boxes have been reminiscent of those experiences.

Want to see some reviews of the boxes we’ve received, just search my other reviews and check them out!

Oh and if you use my referral link to Universal Yums, you’ll save $5 and I get $5 off my next box, so come snack with me… we can do it globally!

** EDIT- updated review for January 2021 for Universal Yums on TGJ

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