red sky at night

red sky at night, sailors delight.

red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.

i’m unsure as to what the morning sky looked like today. but right now we have a patch of clear skies… if we sieze the moment we might get stuck in the storm somewhere.

yesterday, josh asked me what i wanted  for dinner. before i could even think, EP shouts “STEAK” and i laughed. she’s so funny. so we had steak and corn on the cob. after dinner EP and i went outside to let the dogs out.  the sky was a beautiful shade of red.

these are the moments i think about my pop-pop. it’s one of those memories i have as a child. wether or not he’s the one that told me that rhyme, i coorelate it to him. so now i have EP learning that rhyme, and i told her that pop-pop used to say it. she knows who he is, even though he’s no longer with us. he wasn’t even alive when she was born. but i think he would have loved her a lot.

which makes me wonder… if there IS another side after life… hmmm… i know i’d choose to stay and keep watch over EP and josh (i’d be a happy haunt) rather than “crossing over into the light.”

they are my light 😉

super fantastic weekend

this was a very busy weekend- leading into what looks to be a pretty busy month too.

on saturday the “A-team” came over around 11-ish and we had a full day of play. A-girl, “lala” lizzyP and i played lots of games, and had a lot of girl time, while daddy grilled hot dogs for dinner. it was so nice to have some mommy time too 😉 and then when they had to go home (around 9pm) i even scored big with the left over brownies!!

sunday we woke up bright and early to drive up to ocala to visit grandpa, granmarita (our name for rita) grandma and poppy. EP liked uncle dave, and got to spend time with everyone. grandma as always put on a huge spread in spite of having an injured hip.

then we headed over to bridgette’s and had even MORE family time. while the men grilled, lizzy and hayley played with granny so bridge and i could catch up. it was so nice to see granny on the floor, playing with the girls. lizzy really likes her a lot and hayley was great sharing her granny for the evening!! later the boys took the girls swimming and we took lots of pictures with out getting splashed too much. the girls played so hard, and were poophed, so they cuddled with grannie on the sofa, while we all finished up talking. then back in the car, to drive home.

we got in around 10:30 and EP was so sleepy but chattered on about the day.
this is what it’s all about.

nap time

these days EP is taking odd naps. sometime for an hour- and then others when she’s down for almost 3. this is a long nap day, she’s slept through lunch, which has allowed me to get some ironing done.
i am making an honest attempt to clean the house this week. i need to try and sell some of our old cd’s and put some baby stuff up on ebay. christmas will be here before i know it and i’m running out of space.
we’re contemplating on re-arranging EP’s room, but i’m not sure if it’s going to work.

oh and people have been squatting in the vacant house next door. i thought something was going on over there over the past few days. anyways, someone woke me up last night when he was talking to his friend that it was ok to go inside… yep- i had to call the po-po and let them know and it looks like they might have taken care of the situation. today on the police report site that addy next door as a misdemeanor file #. i really wish that house would disappear., but no such luck.

back to work

so daddy is back at work today. on his way out, EP said “dada buh buh” she’s so smart.
so far we bark at the dogs (and cats) we can trumpet like an elephant, and quack like a duck. she’s saying all gone and all done- and oops when she drops things. she knows where here belly button and vajayjay (that’s the vagina) are ,along with her nose. she’s still drawn to trees and butterflies and loves to wear her panties and shoes.
every day it’s something new.

tonight daddy is out to pauliepoopoo’s for band practice. i’m excited to have the evening to myself for some sewing and MTB at 9pm… i’m addicted to that show.

an extra day of rest

yesterday we had a last minute birthday to go to. one of EP’s little friends was having a party. EP was really good (as per the norm) but naps got all off schedule. when we got home around 530pm she was ready for a nap. so we ended up having dinner at 8. nana brought over pork chops and daddy grilled them with some zucchini, and i made a salad and some couscous. it was a nice late dinner. then EP stayed up until 930. so-o i got to sleep in today and we all rolled out of bed at 845 this motning.

today we played outside with the dogs. tonight we’re grilling chicken on the BBQ. we’ve been pretty lazy for the most part of the day. however sometime this week we i need to get a few things up on ebay and start cleaning up. i want to do my fall cleaning in september so by october 1 we are getting ready for christmas stuff…

well- i’m going to work on some new sleep pants. i’ve found a cool material that has witch hats and bats on a gray background. it’s a sorta fruti looking material, but kinds cute too. i’m sure the neighbors think i’m a little weird since i’m always in pajama pants.
but do i look like i really care what they think?? NOPE!!